North Wind And Sun

Other Work

Here are articles that I’ve written for other blogs and publications.

My work with The Japan Times (February – April 2009)

Japan Times Blogroll: Tokyo PhotoJournalist

Japan Times BlogRoll: Black Tokyo

Japan Times BlogRoll: Alt Japan

My ‘Amherst Bytes’ columns written for The Amherst Student

Google – Net Neutrality’s Best Hope

Popping the Piracy Bubble

Friend or Foe: The Internet Chooses Its Own Alliances

Blogging Mixes with Lack of Internet Privacy: ‘Till Death Do Us Part

Snooping, Snitching, Looking – Why PlanWorld is Amherst’s best (secret) tradition

A World Out of Tune, Or What to do if iTunes Pulls a Houdini

YouChange – Obama Uses New Media to Address a New Generation

On White Spaces

On Google Chrome


On Super Smash Brothers Brawl

Other Articles Written for The Student (Ordered by date, reverse descending)

Inch by Inch, Community Garden Grows

The Story Behind the Little Red Schoolhouse

IT Launches New College Web Site

Changing Society, One Cause at a Time

New Adirondack Lawn Chairs Help Welcome Spring

College’s Historic Farm Houses Find New Homes Off-Campus

Military Will Recruit on Campus Thursday

NY Times Magazine Features Professor Reyes

Conference Focuses on Flu Preparedness

AAS Meeting Turns Divisive Over Funding

Articles I wrote for my short-lived AmhPub Blog ‘Bonsai Riot.’

Fun, Pain, and Wii Fit – Some Impressions

Fun, Winning, and Six-Year Olds – On Mario Kart Wii and The Wii Wheel


Cows Over Chemists

ThatVideoGame Blog


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