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CNN falls from grace, hits a few branches on the way down

Posted in journalism by Ricardo Bilton on 26-August-2009

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Here’s a question: If is 52nd on Alexa’s search rankings, and is 1,505th, why is the former mimicking the later?

The Most Trusted Name in News recently posted (and then updated) an “article” presenting a list of “The 12 Most annoying types of Facebookers,” a list that, while arguably accurate, certainly speaks to a trend in declining standards for the news organization.

Of course the article could also speak to an increased awareness of CNN’s (and, indeed Time’s) part on what people tend to read online: Lists. List’s are a simple, and oftentimes controversial way, to draw in readers, readers who will , hopefully, in turn, click links to other lists, and (again, hopefully) eventually  read a substantial news piece. That’s how CNN envisions it working. And perhaps it does work out that way.

But it certainly doesn’t shine favorably on them. But times are rough and traditional news sites like CNN and Time are certainly taking a beating from more recent offerings like The Huffington Post. Still, there is something to be said about the recent taking to top-ten lists, not least of which being its the most annoying form of flattery.