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Google Labs adds head-scratching new feature to Gmail

Posted in Gmail, Google, Real life by Ricardo Bilton on 7-October-2008

I don’t think there is any Internet user alive that hasn’t sent an email that he or she has later had the misfortune of regretting. That said, I still find it very bizarre that Google has gone and added Mail Goggles, an e-mail reconsidering-catalyst, to Gmail.

Mail Goggles’s purpose, it seems, is to prevent Gmail users from making bad, potentially life-ruining mistakes via email. By giving users the option to reconsider (in the form of math problems, it seems) sending an email within a certain range of hours – late nights on the weekends, for example – the Google Labs folks hope to save many a young heartbroken lover the trouble of explaining his or her late night alcohol-induced emails.

While Mail Goggles still reeks of a far-too-early April Fool’s prank, I can’t help but shake the feeling that his new feature will indeed save many people much embarrassment.